Special Post <3

This is for my dear lecturers and classmates and also my fellow groupmates.

This class had been a very nice experience to me. I would like to specially thank the lecturer of our Edu.Tech Class, Dr. Rosseni and my fello sisters who had really been very good to us. I had fun along the way and of course, I learnt a lot. I guess this is what we call as the bonding between lecturer and students, right? The last meeting was the best of all though, as I realized that you probably wont be teaching us again next semester. I do hope I will see u again next sem! T.T and all the nice sisters. πŸ˜₯ Thanks a lot for the knowledges you have given us. May you be blessed with good life, dear lecturer and sisters. πŸ™‚

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And to my dear classmates, we may had got into critical times, but I still love you guys to the max. πŸ™‚ ❀


And lastly, to me dear REALISTS, we had a great time together, I am very sorry for all of my mistakes and any wrong-doings. We did great. We nailed this. The video is awesome, so is Realists. I love you guys. And thanks a lot for these memories. :*

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Love, Pheonysia. ❀


The FINAL Video and Final Presentation! <3

Oh goodness hello there everyone! So it was officially the last class and meeting for this class. ^^ 20th of December, Day of Judgement for all the videos made by our class, by these 8 groups! The judges were Dr. Rosseni herself, Dr. Malsawati and few sisters who had been helping us a lot during this whole course. πŸ˜€

Ouch nervousnessssss on my nerves! πŸ˜€ We dressed the best that we could today. Unfortunately Nataliah, one of our group member was not here today with us. T.T She has gone back to Sabah. We presented our old story board, which tells the story of the ignorant boy, but then we showed them our new sketch. Well I drew it actually. haha I miss drawing!


I guess we made something different out of the whole class, did we? πŸ™‚

And then we presented the poster, which we did not changed since the last update, but here I show it to you again πŸ™‚


Here are some of the photos of us presenting our video ^^

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And finally, here it is, our final video, that we presented on this precious day ^^ ❀ Enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOolcVCnma4

And.. tadaaaaa!!! We were pronounced as the Winner of this Edutechnovation Day for 2014! Oh this was the happiest day of my life, and so do for the rest of my group mates. Oh guys, you knew you were all awesome!!!! ❀ I really love you guys to the moon and back ! πŸ˜€

We knew that winning was not our main aim, but the friendship built within is. :’) Seriously, this is precious to me.

Here, are some of the pictures, just to recall this beautiful day.

67384_763096803725827_1485465879520428028_n 10351162_763096913725816_8137867271824999716_n 10431713_763100477058793_4834364650647849905_n 10461446_763093610392813_6086110176043128844_n 10647240_763096847059156_6884477363838993429_n 10850225_763096593725848_380495705884150810_n

Can you see those excited and happy faces of ours? Oh my. It was indeed precious. πŸ˜€ :’D I wish we could have a moment like this in the future. Having fun in the clasees. Nat, we wished you were there with us though. T.T

Thanks for giving us the chance to hold the prize, dear lecturers and sisters. It meant a lot to us. We were very grateful for this. And of course, my team would thank Azrulshafik for his talent on this project. He did a very great job, and it was mostly his job that made us win this.

Okay thats it. I’m crying. :’D



Realists 2014 ❀

Week 14: Posters and Videos <3

Yay! the final weeks were coming near! This meanssssss….. our video was almost done! The poster was done few days ago, again by Azrulshafik as he did it best among the rest of us. Β Well as for the poster, we applied minimalist as it was simpler and precise, I guess?


We did some changes on our video but Chapeak only uploaded it in the FB group so I could not let you see it here. T.T But yeah it was not the final one though, as we were still receiving some comments on the video. And… tadaaa! We were planning on more shootings. NEW shootings. hahaha. πŸ˜› This time, we went to Taman Botani (much further in), Sungai Tekala (closed by the time we came), Sungai Congkak (we could only enter the gate and 100 meters from it T.T), Bukit Ampang, and KL town ^^

Oh I would like to share you a story. When we were on our way from Sungi Tekala – Sungai Congkak, Β we encountered a scary experience. Oh goodness it was not good ! T.T I wouldn’t tell the story here though. Enough with that brief summary. Haha. πŸ˜€

Thank goodness we came home safe and sound

❀ It was a very nice experience though.

Week 13: Err, no class again?

So today we had no class again. Β But during this week, we had our shootings! Yay! It was fun!!! But, we could not go too far as we went there quite late in the evening, so we didn’t dare to go much further inside. We didn’t want to be locked inside! T.T

Well the master of photography in our group *you know who he is* managed to take some pretty shots though. We had the shootings like some of the scenes, we were talking to ourselves. Ah it was great! and.. funny! Hahaha I wish you could see the bloopers. :’D It was very awkward you know πŸ˜€ hahaha

Okay thats it for this week. See you later ^^

Week 12: Again, a little improvement made! :D

Ah, hellooo!

There goes the video again, shootings and stuffs. #Cinta was on the right track and all we had to do was to continue with the story we had in mind. We were discussing on where to have the shootings and what to do. Basically, none of us actually knew what we were about to do, except the video editor. hahaha

We had decided to go to Taman Botani, Putrajaya. Farah was very excited about this as she knew how beautiful the place is. πŸ˜€ ^^ Well I was looking forward for this. But none of us had a DSLR camera. Hmm. This meant we had to borrow it from anyone. Ah, sad.

But hush away negative thinking. We’ll make it great! ^^

Week 11: Yay Presentation again! <3

Well hello there ! :*

I loved the presentations in this class actually because I like to see the creativities of our classmates. Today we were presenting our trailer for the short film. Actually Dr. Rosseni wanted to see the brief of the full short film but somehow my group got it misunderstood. T.T But hey, the trailer was not bad right? hewhew. We chose Ibu Zain college to record it previously. ^^

Well the title was #Cinta. And if you could see the trailer, we had four characters including the narrator (Chapeak). Farah was unable to join us as she had a class. T.T The trailer really tricked the whole class that they thought that it was about a love story between guys and girls. It was a point of flip where at the end, the video showed #Cintakan.Alam. hahahaha gotcha! πŸ˜€

^^ We were amused how good the response was from the whole class, and of course from our beloved lecturer and sister. πŸ™‚ Thank you. It meant a lot to us. ❀

Week 10: Ahoy! No class :D

Ahoyy ahooy ! *pirates way of greeting*

Well we got no class for today. Thanks, Dr.! But my group members and I had a little discussion in our Whatsapp group about the whole idea. Azrulshafik, or more famously known as Chapeak said that he liked the theme Nature more, so we changed our story again.:D Well, he will be the video man, the photographer, Β the editor, so we agreed on his idea. Haha he knew better than the rest of us do.

So thats it for today ^^